Retaining wall - Slope stabilisation + Aesthetics

The Himalayan region experiences heavy rains during the monsoon months (July to September). A site lacking appropriate retaining walls and adequate drainage can suffer major damage. Massive loss of ground area by erosion due to flowing water can result in damage to the terrain and soil degradation.  

Retaining walls (also locally known as pushta / pusta / puste) can play an important role in preventing soil erosion. Retaining walls can be of many types: concrete retaining wall, gabion wall, cantilever retaining wall, stone retaining wall.  


Landslides - Common in the Himalayas


Here, an entire hill side (what served as the foundation of the building) was lost. This could have been easily prevented by designing an appropriate stone retaining wall design and allowing for water drainage. 


The Front Retaining wall

Apart from strengthening the land around the resort, this retaining wall changed the look of the resort. Especially the front retaining wall taking a golden look during the sunset.


Space Gained - Car Parking on the Curve

A well-thought out retaining wall design can transform the landscape and make it multi-functional.

Here is a case of land gained which is used for car parking.

Apart for land stabilisation, this serves as a gallery and a sitting space.


cut thru the retaining wall - stairs

In this portion of the retaining wall, steps were introduced to allow walkers to cut short the distance to get to the himalayan mountain resort in the upper level.


Garden Retaining Wall

This stone retaining wall serves the purpose of a garden retaining wall.

A proactive approach to retaining wall design to achieve land stabilisation and prevent soil erosion can keep costs really low through the use of stone retaining wall. If not done at the appropriate time, costs escalate multi-fold needing concrete retaining wall, gabion wall, cantilever retaining wall, sheet pile retaining wall designs.


“Timely Intervention and effective retaining wall design bring down soil erosion and minimizes damage to the terrain.”  “A Stitch in Time saves Nine.” 

The logic is simple, “Retain the Soil and let the Water Flow.” “Effective drainage is the key.”

Pramatha Saha, Project Manager & Co-Founder

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