Ancestral Old Home Renovation - Doing Away With the Demon of Demolition

Do you have an ancestral house which is lying abandoned? Do not demolish it. Your ancestral house can be remodeled and renovated into a modern house. We can help you do so. We, at Cephalor, specialize in  ancestral old home renovation to meet up with modern requirements while keeping the memories of your ancestors alive.

Our ancestral houses have many fond memories attached with them. Do we need to resort to home demolition? A home demolition will wipe out our past completely. Instead, why not do home renovationThis way, we can preserve our past while creating something for the future. Additionally, compared to new construction, an ancestral old home renovation has lower turnaround time and significantly lesser costs.

Considering Home Renovation

From a design perspective, an ancestral old home renovation is a complex exercise. But, the entire process unites the family across generations and definitely is a matter of pride for the family. This definitely connects the many generations in a family and keeps past memories alive. Apart from the emotional factor involved, the ancestral old home renovation exercise translates into significantly lesser costs and of course, lower turnaround time.  

The experience of the family living in the ancestral old house, while the old house reconstruction around them takes shape into a much more expansive house which is more in tune with the present day needs of the family can be an extremely enriching experience. A design transformation through ancestral old home remodeling, if done right,  can be an extremely positive and uplifting experience. The transformed Madra residence in Clement Town, Dehradun has truly become the pick of the society and a matter of pride for the family.


A Home from 1930 - Served 4 Generations

This was the Madra house in the Clement Town area. The Madra family having settled in California, USA wanted a more modern house plan and design keeping with the times and the lifestyle in the US. 

Sr. Madra, now into his 90s, had constructed this house and was especially proud of the construction he had carried out then.

After many rounds of discussions, house demolition was ruled out and house remodeling got the green signal.

Columns stay,
walls Gone

Starting home remodeling work, the house interior needed days and hours of careful inspection, planning and work. 

It took thorough inspection of what could be salvaged and what had to be discarded.


A Few More Walls Gone

The work was slow to start with. But, the team picked up pace after they understood the house transformation design expectations. 

The most important  thing was to get everybody on the same page.

The New Spacious Dining Area

Mrs. Madra wanted her new and modern dining area interior design to be expansive and to provide for multi-purpose functions depending upon the need of the day. 

She also wanted the dining area to be easily accessible from the kitchen allowing for free movement.

Post home remodeling, the integrated kitchen and dining room design layout was to evolve as the heart of the Madra residence. Hence, we visualized and brainstormed with multiple kitchen and dining room combo design ideas till all usage scenarios were addressed.


an expansive kitchen looking into the back Garden

In the 21st century, our needs have evolved. A contrast from the small closed kitchen area, the modern Indian kitchen is one which should be expansive, easily accessible from the dining area and if possible, look out to the outside.  

The Indian kitchen architecture design should provide a connect between the past and the future.

Ancestral Old Home Renovation - Other Features

The Madra house remodeling also incorporated several additional features, a modern fireplace and chimney design, home (thermal) insulation for the cold winter and for energy efficiency. The ancestral old home renovation  also incorporated several creative house additions for the Madra family – dormer windows and a driveway. No wonder that the family was thrilled with the ancestral old house renovation and delighted to move into their newly transformed house.

For the ancestral old house remodeling and renovation, an important ground rule agreed upon was ‘tree protection during construction’. Not a single tree was felled and root protection was adhered to. Actually, trees being living entities form an important connection between the people and the estate.

A house renovation and remodeling exercise is a creative exercise in space planning. While its objective is to match the future aspirations of the family, a home renovation architect can help to achieve a good balance with the home additions that the ancestral old home will allow.

Ancestral Old Home Renovation Dehradun

Ever since Uttarakhand became a state and Dehradun its capital, ancestral old home renovation Dehradun has been on the rise. Dehradun is also gearing up to be smart city. 

With increasing influx of people into the city, there is an increased demand for housing in Dehradun. In addition to new construction, ancestral old home renovation Dehradun is a cost-effective way of catering to a good chunk of this increase in demand.

Home Renovation and Remodeling Blogs By Sriparna Saha

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“Home Remodeling and Renovation, instead of Demolition. Brownfield, instead of Greenfield. This translates into significantly lesser costs and makes construction much more affordable and also preserves our past and culture.”

Sriparna Saha, Principal Architect & Co-Founder


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