Garden Landscape Architecture

An extension of your home to the outside

Landscape Architecture - Extend your Home to the Outside

Creative garden design and effective landscape architecture can produce wonderful results. The fantastic Himalayan setting with its climate and contour terraces allow for plenty of activity in the garden landscape outside the house. With nature so beautiful and bountiful, birds and little animals going about their daily chores, there is not a dull moment for those who love nature.

The house is more a shelter when the nature turns adverse. As soon as the weather changes its mood, the garden landscape should allow us to roll in the lap of nature. With all colors, hues and varieties, we can be a place for activities, entertainment, and mediation. It can also include a children’s play area, home vegetable garden and many more landscape design elements to increase the interest and activities. 

We can implement front and backyard garden ideas. Landscape architecture and garden design can be both challenging as well as stimulating to the landscape architect at the same time.

The garden landscape can be definitely one of those places where the entire family can unite.  

If developed creatively, this can be an extension of the family’s personality and lifestyle to the outside world and can provide for an extremely enriching and joyous experience.

Stone steps & Plants

Broad stone steps with local himalayan plant species can act as a bridge across different terrace contour levels.

At Cephalor, we try to work with the contour terraces (avoid cutting them) to the maximum extent possible. This lowers the development cost significantly, in addition to raising ground water levels and reducing soil erosion. 

Of course, the design helps to create a natural setting which brings in more variety and integrates with the landscape. This allows incorporating a multitude of terrace garden ideas like organic farming on terraces.


Water to add some contrast and fun

Natural water, stones and gravel and some conceptualization and a little detailing.

One summer’s work and one monsoon’s rain got this complete on the ground.

Garden water Fountain for some Action

A garden water fountain can bring in a great amount of cool and comfort in a dry patch of the garden landscape.

Fountains are very effective in increasing the humidity level in the dry season.



.More space - More Variety

For those who want a larger garden with more variety of plants and colours, the possibilities are enormous.

This is the family’s ‘private’ park for their morning and evening walks.

Vegetable Garden - A Pilot

For those inclined to have their home vegetable garden, the landscape and the nature supports in a big way. 

First, a simple start can be made with a pilot on a wooden platform which serves as a nursery.

Once the vegetable plants stabilize, they can be transferred on to the garden.

Architect Sriparna Saha landscape garden design architecture_vegetable_garden_cephalor

A Pool & A Mini Waterfall

The terrace contour levels allow creation of your own mini garden waterfalls in  a meditation corner. The sound of flowing water can create an amazing nature experience while meditating.

Underwater Lights

Adding light in the pool bottom makes the pool welcoming once the evening sets in and the family still wants to be in the midst of nature and is in no mood to retire to the indoors.


Why should this one miss out on the sun?

Gaps in the wall for the plants inside the house to get the sun. With plenty of sun available, indoor landscape design ideas can be incorporated.

Conceptualization of the garden landscape

First, it starts with rough sketches on paper and then on to the drawing board. 

Landscape design software greatly help in adding in many more smaller details to complete the picture.


Plan of the Garden Design

A plan view of the same concept for garden design gives a different and overall perspective to the visualization process. 

This becomes the subject of debates and discussions to arrive at what will be the best possible design the family wants.

Garden Landscape Architecture - Other Features

Gazebo(s), Treehouse(s), Bridge(s), Pergola(s), Deck(s), Swing(s) and many other elements can be conceptualised depending upon the personality, lifestyle of the family and what the landscape garden allows for. The possibilities of incorporating multiple design ideas are enormous and can be a delight for the family, the landscape architect and the garden designer.

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“The Himalayan terrain provides a landscape which is extremely diverse with all its settings and the varied plant life. This can be both challenging and stimulating for the landscape architect. How we apply ourselves and shape the landscape and what we make of it entirely depends upon the creative abilities of the mind.”

Sriparna Saha, Principal Architect & Co-Founder


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