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Do you have a pahadi ghar (ancestral old home) in the Uttarakhand Himachal Himalayan region?

Instead of demolishing it, your pahadi ghar can be remodeled and renovated into a unique himalayan homestay for travelers.  Staying in an ethnic himalayan homestay (pahadi ghar) can be a unique experience to the traveler.  And, also it can be good steady source of income to you, the owner.

Cephalor works as a himalayan homestay advisor to ancestral old home (pahadi ghar) owners helping with the himalayan homestay design and architecture, setting up ancillary services and finding partners who can bring synergy.


This is what we started with

This is how the ancestral home (pahadi ghar) looked like across the decades, abandoned and standing in one end of the community. It was slowly deteriorating into a candidate for house demolition, until its detailed inspection.

On inspection of the abandoned building, we found that there were structural members which were definitely good and could be reused and greatly reduce the costs compared to a new construction. So, why lose money in discarding what was still good and then, in demolition and clearing and further building everything new? As the himalayan homestay advisor and homestay architect for the project, I want to thank everybody who looked at the option of home renovation with an open mind and gave us the energies to go ahead.

interiors getting Addressed

Starting home renovation work, the house interior needed days and hours of careful work. It took thorough inspection of what could be salvaged and what had to be discarded. 

Before the workers could get down to work, they had to briefed on every little step so that they understood how they had to go about it. I have to give a lot of credit to how the workers were selected and trained to do something that they had never done before.


Homestay exterior at Dusk

Today, the new pahadi ghar homestay draws people from villages near and around to come and see what they earlier felt was not possible. Earlier, the only way forward was to demolish the ancestral house (pahadi ghar) and build a concrete house in its place.

Now, there is a fresh option possible.

First, the roof getting addressed

Before anything, we needed to start from the roof. The roof is what bears the maximum damage. Opening this up, gives us a clearer understanding of the extent of home repair needed.


Team after a Day's work (with Project Management Dashboard)

This was again a case where we leveraged local people and local resources. 

From non-believers in the possibility of renovating old ancestral homes (pahadi ghar), this team is today a staunch supporter of ancestral home renovation.

Morning Tea With Books

It is thrilling to create himalayan homestays which are unique and ethnic. The Himalayan region with its contours provide ample scope to do so. Himalayan homestays with snow views, river views, mountain views, valley views – the variety available is immense, giving multifold options to the traveler.


Himalayan Homestay Advisor and Consultant

At Cephalor, we work as a himalayan homestay advisor and consultant and help owners of ancestral old homes (pahadi ghar) to understand the future homestay potential in a region based upon a multitude of factors like culture, heritage, history apart from the location, climate and the convenience. We also help in assessing the future homestay value of existing himalayan homestays. Our detailed and ‘on the ground’ approach helps us to arrive at a more realistic and true value of the homestay potential in a location.

Apart from homestay architecture and homestay design, we help as himalayan homestay advisors and consultants to help potential homestay owners to develop ancillary services which have synergy with homestay activities like birdwatching, stargazing, carpentry, wood working, pottery, painting related activities and a whole lot more depending upon the natural strengths of the people and the region.

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“Renovating ancestral old pahadi homes into ethnic unique homestays provide a natural source of income to “pahadi  log” and also help the cause of heritage conservation in the Himalayan region. Revenues may be slow at the start, but it is definitely steady and long-term in nature and keeping with the ethos and the advantages inherent in the Himalayan region.”

Sriparna Saha, Principal Architect & Co-Founder

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