Building in the Himalayas

Building in the mountains, hills and slopes do have their challenges. Through an extensive practice across the years, we have arrived at a set of fundamental rules – from a combination of local and international practices – which have been tested on the ground. 

We have also formulated a few principles which help establish a sustainable balance between our needs and what is good for the sensitive himalayan environment. 

Above all, we make it fun, easy and affordable for you.

Our Guiding Principles

Work with Contours,
Not Against

Getaway from Dehradun
Architect Sriparna_Saha_hill_slope_architecture_design_cephalor
Door Mural on the Upper Level

Leverage Local People & Materials

Homestay Construction Team
Team - King's Cottage Resort

Tight Project Management

Red Colour - Critical Path
Gantt Chart Kumbh Mela Haridwar

Doing Away with the Demon of Demolition

Clement Town 1930s Ancestral House
"Selective Demolition"
Madra House Clement Town after Renovation

Retain the Strengths & Of Course, the Soul

Ana 1930s House
Ana Homestay WIP
Ana Homestay after Renovation

“As architects and project managers, we need to come up with progressive solutions which are also affordable. 

I firmly believe in the cause of Architecture to serve human needs and not the other way around.“

Sriparna Saha, Principal Architect & Co-Founder 


“Strong discipline on budget, cost control, and deadline management is essential for businesses to be sustainable, profitable and able to create more options for the future.”

Pramatha Saha, Project Manager & Co-Founder 

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