A Second Home away from the City

Delightful Homes despite Tight Budgets

A Himalayan Mountain House Getaway to Contrast the City Residence

The Himalayas with all its contour levels provides an enormous variety of settings. Each location is unique. 

Contrary to the general approach of leveling the land and putting up a city house, Cephalor tries to understand the potential of a setting keeping in mind the client’s budget. We try working with the contour levels, not against. What evolves are unique and interesting himalayan mountain houses which are in complete contrast to the houses in the plains.

Interesting Mountain Houses Need lots of Imagination, not so Much Money

The Dimri family wanted a weekend holiday getaway for their extended family and the next generation who work in metros like Mumbai. The client was a retired corporate executive with a residence in Dehradun (urban). 

With a tight budget, the himalayan mountain house design incorporated zero cutting of the contours and having different levels in the home interior. The site development costs were minimal this way.


Get Comfortable inside when the outside is not

The living area was conceptualized to have a lot of sunlight and air with enough space for an extended family get-together to have long discussions which can go late into the night. It also needed to have easy access to the kitchen and the upper level of the house.

Again it should also serve as a refuge when it is raining or too hot or when its night and the inmates still are not in a mood to get to bed.

Not to Forget the Roots

The wall painting on the upper level was an outcome of the discussion on dreams and fantasies and the possibility of giving the weekend holiday getaway an ethnic feel.

This greatly helped the objective of not cutting contour levels and keeping land development costs to a minimum.


Kitchen is a Fun Place Afterall

The kitchen was conceptualized to have plenty of sunlight and fresh mountain air looking into the lawns and valley below. 

Whoever said that kitchens are dull parts of a home? Definitely, not so for a weekend holiday getaway in your own himalayan mountain house.

The Song River and Dehradun City from the Lawn

With good weather, what better place to be in other than the lawn, with a book, under the tree and looking onto the sprawling  Dehradun city beyond the Song river.

The nights with the Dehradun city lights and the monsoon with the Song river in full flow is something to look forward to.


“A Himalayan mountain house should be functional and is best minimal. With nature so beautiful and bountiful, we just need protection for the moments when the weather turns hostile.

We should be able to go out and roll in the lap of nature as soon as the weather changes its mood and gets inviting.”

Sriparna Saha, Principal Architect & Co-Founder


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